Service Areas

I focus primarily on trademark and Internet law with a particular focus on trademark and domain name enforcement on the World Wide Web.

The areas I service include:
Trademark strategy, selection, registration and licensing
Trademark management and enforcement
Domain name selection, retention and protection
Counsel regarding proper use of trademarks on the Internet

Your business’ trademarks are some of its most valuable assets and should be protected as such. I can advise your company through the process of selecting the right trademark name and URL to adopt and will assist you through the process of applying for registration of the trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office as well as advise on appropriate foreign jurisdictions.

Once your trademark is registered, I can provide proper maintenance with the Trademark Office, including recording of assignments and post-registration filings with the Trademark Office.

I provide effective management and policing of your trademark and URL, both online and offline, to enforce your rights against anyone infringing on the goodwill generated by your trademark.

You’ve put a lot of work into the selection of your trademark, domain name and the creation of a website. Cybersquatters are likely to target your trademark and website by registering confusingly similar domain names in an attempt to divert your potential customers away from your online prescence in order to cash in for themselves.

Rather than wait for a problem to arise, I can help you prevent cybersquatters from attacking your business. And if someone does infringe on your intellectual property rights via the Internet, there are options to stop them in their tracks. I am experienced in recovering infringing domain names at an affordable cost in a reasonable time frame.